Sneige Factory – JZA80 Supra Build. Pt3 – A story of two halves

The internet is a funny place. It records everywhere you’ve been, everything you’ve commented on, all your opinions and drunken pictures. Ironically, it’s also the same for cars. Especially in the modified ‘scene’. This Supra really seemed to be a car with a split personality, on one hand, there was some REALLY SHITE workmanship, like the exhaust, amputator flywheel and dodgy paintwork.

epic welding
This is the mid pipe, it fell off when removing the exhaust. Much penetration here folks…

On the other hand, there are some bits that have been done to a pretty nice standard. For example, it’s got a fabricated tubular exhaust manifold on the engine.

Fabricated Manifold, not shit.

The hydraulic handbrake, while mounted in a position which results in cutting the dash (I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CUT UP THE INTERIOR) it’s good kit with a good quality braided lines and a bias adjuster.

old hydroBias Adjuster and hydro

Then some other bits of the car like the loom that, well… seems to have been done well but just don’t make sense at all.

wiring harness
The original ‘Motorsport Spec’ loom at the top. OEM at the bottom.

The picture above is of the main dash loom I took out of the car (more of that later) and the original OEM loom I replaced it with. You can see that somebody has cut A LOT of it away. This isn’t a massive problem as for a track car there are lots of things you wouldn’t use. However, they have cut away things like the fuel tank sensor and fuel pump wiring. All way odd.

I was keen to understand the history of the car, so there was only one real option

I'm going to...
I’m going to…

Being a ‘Drift Car’ the obvious place to start was the old faithful Driftworks forum, where many a young man has been trolled within an inch of his life and cried himself to sleep in a single bed full of slightly crusty kleenex. Luckily, it didn’t take long to get a hit.

Dale B’s Supra Missile Thread

Okay, so this is starting to make more sense. For those that don’t know, Dale B is the chap that owns and operates Drift Factory. I don’t think I’ve ever met Dale, but by all accounts, his reputation seems pretty good and the workmanship on the car documented in his thread all seem pretty good also. He seems to have built it as a ‘Missile Car’ (practice car to you and me) and has spent the time doing the right bits.

I dropped Dale a line and asked him for some info on it, by all accounts a really nice chap. He even offered to send me a spare ECU for the car as apparently the fuel pump drivers in my one are shot. I was also told that the car was never intended to go back on the road, but he agreed that other than the paintwork the chassis is tidy.

dale b driving supra
Glory shot of Dale drifting the car at Lyden.

Dale told me that he sold the car to a chap called James ‘Webby’ Webb without a transmission. A little bit more internet stalking turned up a Facebook profile:

James Webb
errr. right.

Further internet stalking turned up a whole heap of photo’s (as you’ll see below) but it does appear that Mr Webb is indeed responsible for the other side of my car. However, on the plus side, he did indeed fit it with a brand new body kit, XXR wheels and a few other bits. Cheers James.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.30.31
This post seems to indicate that the ‘project’ started sometime in May
pre- rattle can paintjob
Freshly painted (I will admit, it looks better than a multi-coloured supra)

Now, it appears that James Webb part exchanged this car with James Cannon (The nice Audi R8 driving chappy from Part One) for that Soarer I mentioned. Yeah, it doesn’t look that that ended particularly well for Mr Webb.

soarer bang 2
Engine Fire
soarer went bang
What a mess 😦

You know, even if Mr Webb’s ham-fisted spanering did come close to making me a double below the knee amputee (have you ever seen a flywheel come loose?) I wouldn’t wish an engine fire on anybody. Bad luck fella.

Now, if we go RIGHT back to the very beginning it seems that the car was originally brought into the drift scene by this pretty looking chap.

matty wiltshire eh
Mark Wiltshire

He seemed to like the car… A LOT.


So is this the chap the Dale was referring to who ‘wrecks cars’


Either way, it looks like it’s been a fun car for a lot of people and we’ve sort of discovered that it doesn’t look like it’s been in any seriously heavy prangs. Which is nice.

Amazing what you can find on the internet.

Click for the next chapter: Part Four: Spaghetti 


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