Sneige Factory – JZA80 Supra Build – Pt 10 Messy goes to bizzlededo.

I admit it, I have a small problem with mess.

Not to the extent where I feel compelled to move my used boxers of the bedroom floor and put them in the washing basket kinda problem, but a problem no less. I’ve made a huge amount of progress this weekend with the Supra. It’s gone from a running drifting car to basically a rolling shell. This is all well and good, but anybody who’s ever engaged in this sort of project will tell you that it makes a huge mess of wherever you’re doing it.

I’ve also got two kids and my eldest has recently got me hooked on a children’s program called Messy Goes to Okedo. Not quite sure why i’m telling you this, other than to share the knowledge that if you have kids yourself, it’s a great rest bite from wall to wall Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. The small sock eating blue bear that stars in it, is also a ringer for the blue bear Waldo that stared in that Black Mirror episode where the cartoon character ran for MP.


I also admit that my rambling, slightly barmy introductions to these blog posts are becoming increasingly insane. Maybe it’s the fumes in the workshop. Anyway, onto car stuff. I started off by sticking the car up on the ramp and pulling off all the transmission parts.

Last gasp of the IL6.
W58 box & mount
Prop Removed
Prop Removed

I then pulled out pretty much everything W58 transmission wise from the car. The entire conversion minus the pedal and the master cylinder is now for sale. I’m looking for about a grand for it, but it does include everything including the ECU, Clocks, Stage 3 comp clutch, flywheel, slave, shifter etc,

12231667_10153365779208681_629918681_n (1)

Then it was the removal of the o-so-hated asthmatic 2JZ.


Before I removed it, I did a quick compression test and it all came up good. So my assumption has to be that it’s a tooth off on the timing or something. The engine block its self-seems to be totally fine.


In preparation for paintwork, I also pulled off the front wings, headlights and brackets.



Next, I made a start on prepping the bodywork for paint. Another ‘Webby Special’ as you’ll now be all so familiar was to paint the car rattle can black with what i can only assume was Halfords rattle can paint. You know, to give it the full ‘i’m a fully hardcore drifter – I have a missile car’ look. As painful as it is, the best option here was actually to wipe off all the shitty rattle-can paint with paint thinners and start prepping from the Toyota paintwork underneath. Trust me from experience, painting on top of that nasty matte black stuff is asking for trouble. 1) it’s a pain to flat 2) it often doesn’t go off properly as it’s been painted too thick by the ham-fisted retard that did it in the first place and causes huge problems with blooming and contamination when you paint over it.

12208013_10153365779168681_1985674882_nIt is genuinely a fucking horrible job to do. Paint thinners are horrible. They also eat workshop gloves like they are going out of fashion and makes a god awful mess. I managed to get the entire boot prepped plus the good arch that isn’t full of filler and a bit of the boot. Much more elbow grease to go. No smoking, please.

That’s about it for now – more to come.

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