Sneige Factory – JZA80 Supra Build – Part 14: Boba, Boobies & Boxes

Howdy, all and I apologise for the extended absence.

My entire family has been ravaged by this damn ebola flu and it’s been either keeping me in bed with a fever or at home looking after sick children. I’d love to give you the impression that my life is wall to wall fast cars, media parties and topless promo models, however, it’s just not the case (these days….) I did, however, meet Lindsey Dawn and Alyson McKenzie (out of 90’s Page 3) at a media bash last Friday which was kinda cool. She’s still kinda hot… My friend Matthew (another Matthew) summed it up very well by saying ‘It’s weird meeting somebody in person that you’ve tugged one out too’ I then took a rather spirited jaunt to the chemist in the CLS55AMG to get some baby medicine.

So yeah. Fast cars and topless promo models.

Before we get into the update, can I just officially remind you all that StarWars: The Force Awakens comes out in 10 days time? I honestly don’t think I’ve been more excited about a movie in the last decade. The possibility of seeing Daisy Ridley in a gold bikini or BobaFett bare-knuckle claw his way, half-digested out of a Sarlacc pit is almost too much to bear.

But let me just say this… JJ, if you fuck this film up – the fans are going to make what Han did to poor Greebo look like a damn children’s Frozen spectacular in comparison to what they do to you. Please don’t fuck this up. Oh Please. Oh Please.


So what’s happened over the last couple of weeks? Well, the project has moved forward on two fronts. Firstly LOADS of bits have arrived (more of that later) and secondly Mathew the workshop monkey and I have put in a truly epic level of graft to get the car prepped for paint.

As you know already, Mat had spent a huge amount of effort wiping the horrible black rattle can paintwork from the car. Between us, we then wet sanded the car to give it a nice even surface to prime and paint. As we’re painting the engine bay too, I took it upon myself to start degreasing and cleaning up the engine bay.


It actually tuned out pretty well.


I’ve still got a couple of bits to take off – but otherwise it’s pretty much ready for mask and paint.

I also gave the outside of the car another wet sand and then washed it all down to leave a decent clean surface that I can then start chemically wiping down.


I must admit, it’s odd seeing it so silver after buying a black car and then prepping it to be a different colour entirely. As you can see in the picture below, there is still some work to do on the drivers door to smooth out a couple of dents but shouldn’t be a big problem. We’ve still got a bit of welding to do on the boot lid to fill in all the spoiler holes and i’ll do all the filler work at the same time.


I still find it remarkable how straight this car actually is underneath. Apart from the o/s/r arch damage and a couple of dents in the door on the same side it’s arrow straight.

In other news, I found a company on eBay called Injector Tune who do Ultrasonic Fuel Injector cleaning. Reading their website, they also seemed to take second hand injectors in part exchange. I dropped them a line and asked if they’d do a full service on my Yellow Jacket Denso’s in exchange for a few old sets of standard injectors i had kicking around the workshop. He agreed and literally two days after sending them in my injectors turned back up at the house with a full flow test report, new seals, seating rings, filters THE WORKS.


Utterly amazing service


And I shit you not, they are like brand spanking new.


Ben my 1UZ Supra advisor also send me my new BMW ZF 5 speed box and one off light weight flywheel.


I’m not hugely used to working with BMW transmissions and it looks really stumpy but apparently it’ll hold the 600hp i’m aiming for. (did i mention I was shooting for 600?)

The flywheel is also very cool.


It’s a prototype that was made for Ben by Tilton in the United States and works by bolting this stupidly light weight flywheel to the standard 1UZ flex plate. Then a 7.25″ Tilton Motorsport clutch fits on top.

My Denso coil-packs also arrived ready to be modified to fit. These puppies will give me a full coil on plug setup.


My oil cooler and relocation kit also turned up (total bargain btw)


So after all that goodness I wheeled the car back into the workshop and did another trial engine fit, this time on the 2JZ mounts. It seemed to fit better, but still wouldn’t sit nicely on the mounts. More work needed here.


Looks boss though!

I still haven’t figured out what colour I should paint the damn thing. I would do a poll, but frankly I don’t really care what you fuckers think. I’m the one that has to drive it 😀

More as it happens.




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