Sniege Factory -JZA80 Supra Build – Part 22: The Long List


We got a heck of a lot done this weekend.

As you’ve probably gathered from the last couple of blog posts, the last couple of weeks have been a real challenge. Mathew the Workshop Monkey has been labouring every free hour of the day to get all the little customisations made.

When you sit down at the beginning and plan, you don’t always have a clear picture of exactly what you need. Too many people barrel into doing these sort of projects without thinking about who’s going to do all the custom bits. A 1UZ engine was never designed to go into a JZA80. A BMW box was was never designed to be mated to a 1UZ. A Bosch knock sensor was never designed to be fitted to a 1UZ, an IS200 coil pack was never designed to be fitted into a 1UZ cam cover and so on. All these pieces require time, effort and gigilo level of el mexicana grade detail to get right – AND YOU DON’T ALWAYS GET THEM RIGHT FIRST TIME.

I said last week that i’d share the knock sensor fittings that Mathew knocked up. Here they are.


The grime in the centre of this block really winds me up. But this is only a short term engine until I have the time to build something else up that’s fresher and cleaner when it goes forced induction.



Mathew has also been labouring to get the new water outlet made and finalised. It’s the third iteration of this design (yes, we’ve had to go through two other prototypes to get it how we want it) but it’s now ready to roll.



Next was a small adaptor that was needed to allow us to fit the fuel pressure sensor into the fuel rail. When we initially test fitted it in the rail, it fowled on the plenum – so Monkey decided to fab up an offset brass fitting to tilt it to one side and clear the plenum. Niche!

12699228_10156592507360051_308278478_oAs you can see below, the plenum is progressing. It is, of course a prototype and with all prototypes it a huge process of learning as you go when making totally one off pieces.

There is still a day or so of cleaning up, welding and painting to go – but the throttle body is now on and test fitted with a bit of 60mm intercooler piping.




It looks a bit rough in the pictures, but that’s just because we’re deep in fabrication mode (not pretty mode) As soon as we sharpen up all the lines, sand it back and paint it – it’ll look the nuts. For the more observant among you, you’ll notice that we now only have a single throttle body. This is because there were many questions over how to get the Haltech working with duel fly by wire throttles. It’s something we may change in the future  – but right now, given our timescales, it made more sense to keep things simple.

And finally, i’ve decided to take the opportunity to do an ‘Ask Bizzle’ in traditional 70’s American TV style – so here we go. This weeks question was left in the comments by Michael Yazgic.

‘Dear Mr Bizzle,
Have you ever thought about making a video series on youtube to complement your blogs?, with your witty writing style I could imagine it be a good watch’
Well Michael – yes I have.
In fact, I only recently invested in a ‘Go Pro’ to do such a thing. The only slight problem is that i’m a bit of a perfectionist and making a video look decent requires proper lighting, time and effort. All of which detract from the actual building of the car.
You guys are on a journey with me and I document it during my laborious train rides in and out of London. I’m also on a bit of a tight deadline – so at the moment, it’s probably not going to happen. Although I hope to start doing some in the future.
More as it happens

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